Can I use the CAA logo on my centre stationery and products?

Yes, as an approved centre you can use our logos, contact your customer coordinator who will arrange for the logo to be sent to you.Does CAA specify any requirements for training facilities?

No, we do not specify requirements for this but the nearer that training facilities match on-site requirements, the better it will prepare the candidates.How do I access the on-line registration system?

Through the centre resources section of this site. A CD-ROM will be produced shortly to give you a comprehensive guide to support you with registration and certification of your candidates.  This will be distributed following training sessions at the end of November 07.How do I profile my candidate for OSAT?

Log in to www.citb-skillmatch.co.uk.  SkillMatch is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, skills profiling tool that facilitates the matching of experienced workers’ competence and knowledge with N/SVQ unit requirements through the completion of a profile questionnaire.What are the current fees to become a CAA Centre or to register candidates?

Download a copy of our fees listing.(opens new window)Where can I view CAA qualifications and their structures?

From the Qualification Information tab in the Centre Resources section of this site.  Our qualification guide provides an overview of each qualification group and lists all the CAA qualifications including descriptions, QCA reference numbers and expiry dates.What is a work-based recorder?

A work-based recorder cannot carry out formal assessments but they are a vital link between assessors and candidates.  They vouch for the evidence the candidate is providing from the workplace on the standard and quality of work that has been completed.

A CITB-ConstructionSkills grant is available for work based recorders.  For further information please call 0844 8440046